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HOME SELLERS: Ready to sell your house? Get the FULL PRICE that you deserve with our professional remodeling and staging services. Our experienced team can repair and update your house with no money down in as little as 3 days.  This is the best and fastest way to sell at the top of the market.  With this exclusive service we have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars.  If you don't choose to list your home for sale with us, then we both lose money.  NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS!  How does that work?  It's simple.  We have connections to awesome contractors and sub-contractors in the real estate construction world that will provide an accurate estimate of repairs or upgrades needed along with a time frame for completion of the work.  After all parties agree, then the professional crew is scheduled so work can begin. Once the house is under contract with sale pending. Our arrangement allows escrow to hold payment until the sale transaction is complete, then the contractor and agent are paid through the sale proceeds.  NO MONEY DOWN!  Our contractor and the real estate agent will take the risk to carry the costs until the house is sold.  We only get paid when the property is sold -- we make money when you make money.  This program is very similar to what an investor does when they buy a fixer upper, but in this case, you get to reap the benefits of selling at the top of the market instead of giving that money to an investor.  Are you ready to get the full price you deserve?  Contact our Awesome Agents now 623-777-3977